I just realized that when I was trying to embed the youtube videos on HTML I was getting the frame objects as

Check the quotes in src=””””, I wanted to remove that. After some googling I found how to do that in Play! Framework.
Here are the two ways :-

a.) use raw().
for example, the URL value to render is src=”${video.get(“url”)}”, the use src=${video.get(“url”).raw()}

b.) use #verbatim tag
for example, the URL value to render is src=”${video.get(“url”)}”, the use src=#{verbatim}${video.get(“url”)}#{/verbatim}

and you are good to go :). The result now would be

Happi Holi

Wish you all a very colorful and happy Holi!

missing home a lot! , especially samosas and gujhiya prepared by mommy 😦

My 5.0/5.0 for this amazing movie. Its a must watch.

Waking up early on Saturday morning had never made me feel that good. I called up dada and Sumit Uncle  to be there on time but they said they’ll be there by 11. We decided to go together but were not aware of the exact location. On the way near LifeStyle signal, traffic police caught me for crossing the red signal and after much bakar he decided to settle down for 100 bucks. Though Sumit Uncle managed to run from there.

We reached at Taj Residency at around 11.30AM. We were asked to fill a small form and were given pass for the event.

Since we were late, we attended the last session of OpenSocial which was very good as I am a web enthusiast and I get to learn about it.

Then came the time for which every hacker was eagerly waiting -> The Hack Day Kickoff.

All the hackers continued for next 24 hours to complete their hacks. There was lots of energy in the hall. It was so good to see people having brainstorming sessions and writing code throughout 24 hours. We had two hacks names as Spicy Connections and New Boss Widget.

Since Saturday was Valentine’s day Yahoo organized Hack-a-Valentine in which hackers were asked to invite their valentine’s from 7-9PM. The show was amazing with  Fusion number, a Salsa performance(though there are many forms of it, I guess it was Salsa only :)) and last but none of the least a Bollywood number.

Best part of it was that throughout Hack-a-Valentine, each n every hacker enjoyed the show while working on their hacks and how to make this possible, organizers knew that :).

There was a team from Yahoo with Blue sweats called as CREW who were available all the time to all hackers for any kind of issues,let it be facility related issue or an API issue, they were always there and easy approachable. I thank to all the CREW members for helping us out throughout the event.

We decided to leave around 11 PM for home after  tea and “what next” discussion. But there were people(in fact many people) who decided to stay back to work on their hacks.

Next Day 15th Feb, I called Sumit Uncle and dada at 5.30 AM and we decided to reach Taj at 7.30 AM. On reaching up there, I saw people working and few of them occupying corner spaces to get a little sleep.

We had little breakfast at the venue and continued to work on our hacks. That time I saw people waking up and rushing to restrooms 😉 . Though I really appreciate the arrangements that were made for the people who stayed over the night.

At around 11.30AM call was made by Chintan to update the Hack Tracker with respective hacks and write as much as possible as the time given to present the demo will be 90 seconds. We were shocked that with the hack we’ve made,  it was nearly impossible to present it in 90 seconds(I read that for HACKU event time given per team was 3min). All  the people around were actually seen with question on their faces, can that be possible in 90 seconds. But rules are rules, everyone has to follow that.

Finally, demos started.

I must say that there were some of the very cool hacks that were demoed.  There were total of 66 hacks presented that day and ours was on YAP and BOSS. I was very much surprised to see that few of the teams had actually demoed in 90 seconds(hats off to them). Though me and dada took 6 extra seconds, our other team which was the only ALL GIRLS’ HACK TEAM( as quoted by Chintan) took around 4-5 seconds.

Results were announced after 30 mins and some really cool hacks made it :). Congratulations to all winners!

but this is not just end! All people were given cool Y! bean bags and a Y! Open Hack tee 🙂

It was funny to see hackers managing to ride their bikes with bean bags 😉 and I was one of them 😀

This was my first Open Hack and I look forward to attend more in near future.

Thanks to Sumit Uncle,Dada,Deeksha,Sharmishtha and especially to Gaurav who gave face to  Spicy Connections 🙂

Thanks to Y!ahoo CREW,event managers for an successful and fun filled event.

Latest news : our team on Y! blogpost. See second row, last pic 🙂

I have tried to preserve the best moments of the event and captured the theme. Feel free to have a look 🙂    -> Link to my photos

Other pictures you can find here

my SCJP experience

This is my first post and I would like to share my experience with SCJP(1.5)
I was very much interetsed in learning Java and J2EE technologies but my current work profile has nothing to do with it. A couple of friends of mine motivated me to learn Java. At start it was very difficult for me to learn it from various sources like Sun tutorials , web sources and e-books.
Finally Sumit Uncle(this is the lingo which we use for each other) suggested me to read Core Java by Cay S. Horstman and Gary Cornell
This is a very good book for beginners and this helped me to understand all the concepts covered plus the basic hands-on on Java programming.
Once I completed the book I started reading SCJP Study Guide(Exam 310-055) by Kathy Sierra . This book is quite big so I read one chapter per day. Meanwhile I also started attempting dumps from various web resources like Javaranch . you can find many resources over the web for the same. To give SCJP you need to buy voucher from Sun Authorized centres with prices mentioned here . You can also purchase vouchers from someone else and you can find such people on various communities like the one in Orkut, I personally took it from authorized centre in Bangalore and got some discount over it.

After completing the book by Kathy Sierra I started attempting questions giving in dumps(dumps are questions which give you fair idea about the exam pattern) . With this I also started revising the same Kathy Sierra book to make sure I get the concepts well and I do not commit same mistakes again.

My exam was on 15th March’08(yeah I know, I am bit late in writing, but better late than never ;)). On exam day I just revised notes made by me and re lazed(my favorite job). In the exam room you are not allowed to take anything, you need to keep everything in locker. The centre will give you pen and paper so no need to worry on that.
For SCJP 1.5, we need to attempt 72 questions and 48 is needed to pass the certification. The total time to attempt was I guess 2:45 mins, which by any means is much much more to finish the exam. I completed the test in 40 mins and let me tell you how, many of the questions were from the dumps only it helped me.
Regarding the result, I scored 97%(70/72 questions) . I got the certificate after 1 month.
All the books and dumps I mentioned, you can find them for free download from here

Feel free to ask any questions about this, I will try my best to answer your queries.